What warming?

In the wake of the scarey stories being put about by the Climate Commission, here are a couple of graphs that ought to perplex those who blindly put their faith in the “science” of global warming as espoused by the Bureau of Meteorology, the CSIRO, and the Climate Commission.  The data from these graphs is directly from BOM’s Climate data Online  Time Series Graphs.  Their own data.

The heat is getting more extreme right?  Summers are getting hotter, right?

bom tmax sum 1979-12

Sorry to disappoint you!

What about winter?  Greenhouse theory suggests that warming should be enhanced at night, in winter, and towards the poles.  Winter minima should be warming.  So winters are getting milder, right?  According to the ABC’s Catalyst, vineyards are moving south, right?

bom tmin 1979-12

Nope.  The winter data are inconsistent with greenhouse warming over the past 34 years.  And summers are not hotter than they used to be.

The graphs above show data since 1979.  That is because I do not trust surface data from any official Australian source before the satellite era.

More details in future posts.

3 Responses to “What warming?”

  1. Geoff Sherrington Says:

    Spot on Ken. Geoff.

  2. anthonyvioli Says:

    Hey Ken, is there any way of finding out how many stations the BOm have deleted from using in the official temperature records since the 1970s?

    • Ken Stewart Says:

      Gday Anthony
      You could ask them. There could be hundreds possibly. Most are replaced by a new station nearby. There are around 800 stations currently used in the AWAP dataset. BOM use 112 stations in the Acorn network for climate analysis.

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