How an ABC Poll went badly wrong

Yesterday the ABC (and other media) were breathlessly reporting the doom and gloom climate story from the IPCC, including 4 to 5 degrees of warming if we don’t stop using fossil fuel.

ABC News Radio put up a straw poll on their website to gauge public opinion.

After a slow start, the responses climbed.  At first, the vote was predominantly “Yes”, but that changed quickly.  By early afternoon the vote had swung to 52% No 48% Yes, by early evening it was 81% No 19% Yes, and at 5.45 a.m. today (Queensland time- not that Mickey Mouse time) it was as below:-


91% No, 9% Yes.

Thank you, Our ABC!

5 Responses to “How an ABC Poll went badly wrong”

  1. siliggy Says:

    Great to see many people are more aware than ABC jounalists and are awake to the rot. We can only hope that the very real lack of warming (the pause) becomes so well known that people become completely imune to the propaganda. Then more “education” gets to be seen as just more irritating force feeding of bull.
    Once it is well known that the Arctic ice area is back to normal again the “worse than first thought” lies will not wash anymore either.

    Such a pity we have ElNino. Otherwise the last gasp of warming would be just a memory with temperatures clearly in decline.

  2. siliggy Says:

    Correction it has not been long enough to say we have ElNino yet but it is looking likely. The next LaNina should have the warmist activists claiming that using current data is “cherry picking”.

  3. Shane Says:

    Hi Ken,
    Just tried to search for the poll, found the article, however the poll seems to have been conveniently removed!

  4. siliggy Says:

    Poll is not removed or deleted just not current.
    Find it here.

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