First Meeting of Technical Advisory Forum

The first meeting of the Clayton’s Review Panel was held yesterday.  The press release about the proceedings is here.

“The Technical Advisory Forum held its first meeting today to advise on part of Australia’s official climate record – the Australian Climate Observations Reference Network Surface Air Temperature (ACORN-SAT) data set.

Today’s discussions were robust and productive, and the Forum would like to thank the Department of the Environment for managing the Forum’s membership and assisting the Chair. The Forum would also like to thank the Bureau of Meteorology for providing information and answering questions on the ACORN-SAT data set.

The Technical Advisory Forum was appointed by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment, the Hon Bob Baldwin MP as an independent advisory body to provide greater transparency and an impartial framework for quality assurance tests and analysis of the Bureau’s data sets.

In line with its Terms of Reference, the Forum discussed three aspects of ACORN-SAT: the extent of the public availability of the ACORN-SAT information; developments since the 2011 Independent Peer Review of the Bureau’s data and analysis methods; and the scientific integrity and robustness of the Australian climate record and the homogenisation process. The Forum considered a broad range of information and data concerning the management and development of the ACORN-SAT data set provided by the Bureau.

The Forum also received some additional information from members of the public about the data set. Members of the Technical Advisory Forum were appointed to provide advice on the basis of their formal expertise, and the Terms of Reference do not therefore require the Forum to receive public submissions. However, this additional information was provided to all Forum members to ensure that Forum members were aware of public concerns regarding the Bureau’s management of ACORN-SAT during their deliberations.

The Forum will deliver its report, including detailed recommendations, by June 2015.”

I’m not holding my breath.

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5 Responses to “First Meeting of Technical Advisory Forum”

  1. Mareeba Property Management Says:

    “Yes Minister” Sir Humphrey IS in Charge!!
    It all look too good to be true. “provide advice on the basis of their formal expertise” a bunch of accountant discussing the weather… nobody with any knowledge on how data is collected…what do you think the “Camel” will look like???

  2. handjive Says:

    Here is a link to an ABC interview:

    Dr Rob Vertessy, Director, Bureau of Meteorology on Sunday Profile
    with Richard Aedy on 702 ABC Sydney
    Sunday 29th March

    Of particular interest might be this question @11.50-

    “I want to ask you about a series of attacks on the Bureau in the Australian newspaper. I think there were 14 or so in a few months when the Bureau was accused of fiddling with it’s temperature data …” (It’s not slanderous/salacious or anything)

    The full interview is 24.29 mins.

  3. kenskingdom Says:

    Thanks! A couple of things to follow up there.

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