Still No Reply From Bureau Boss

On Monday 30 March I asked Dr Vertessy five questions about his claims on ABC Radio the day before.  So far, not a word in reply.

This afternoon I sent a reminder email to Jess Carey of the Brisbane BOM office, who had passed on my queries on Tuesday 31 March to the Director’s office.

Good afternoon Jess

As it is now four weeks since you passed my queries to the Director’s office and there has been no response, I can only assume that
(a)  this has been inadvertently overlooked and a reminder memo from you will prompt an immediate, apologetic, and informative reply,
(b)  no reply will be forthcoming, as an honest reply is not possible without embarrassing the Director.
I will expect a reply by 5.00 p.m. Thursday 30/04/2015.
Yours sincerely (and I do not imagine the delay is at all your personal responsibility)
Ken Stewart


4 Responses to “Still No Reply From Bureau Boss”

  1. Mareeba Property Management Says:

    Professional? NO! Disrespectful towards his employer? Yes! ( Like it or not we pay his wage)

  2. Geoff Sherrington Says:

    Apart from discourtesy in lack of reply, there is the concern that such a senior person should be so lacking in knowledge about the data produced by his agency.
    Refers to “of the order of five times the number of very serious heatwaves” as in the middle of last century.

    It has a feel like taking a golf lesson from a ‘golf pro’ who has never been on a golf course. Not exactly awe-inspiring.

  3. kenskingdom Says:

    Watch this space (but don’t hold your breath.)

  4. After 15 Weeks, the Bureau Responds With Non-Answers | kenskingdom Says:

    […] followed up with reminder queries on 28 April, with an email to Bob Baldwin (the Parliamentary Secretary responsible for this […]

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