Complaint re Dr Vertessy

On Sunday profile on ABC Radio on Sunday 29 March, Dr Bob Vertessy, the Director and C.E.O. of the Bureau of Meteorology was interviewed.  The whole interview is here:

In this interview Dr Vertessy made some alarming, questionable, and potentially misleading claims.

On Monday 30 March I emailed four questions for Dr Vertessy to the Bureau, requesting him to substantiate these claims.

On Tuesday 31 March, Jess Carey of the Queensland office of the Bureau emailed me to inform me that my questions had been forwarded to the Director’s office “for actioning”.

On Tuesday 28 April, four full weeks after my email had been forwarded to the appropriate office, that of the Director of Meteorology, I sent a reminder email to Jess Carey, stating that I expected a reply by 5.00 p.m. on Thursday 30 April.

No response has been received. Whatever the reason, Dr Vertessy has failed to substantiate his claims.  Probably they cannot be substantiated.

Perhaps the Director’s office is dysfunctional, with correspondence not being forwarded to the correct person, or simply inadvertently overlooked.  Perhaps officers in the Director’s office considered my queries to be inconsequential and not worth a reply.  Perhaps the Director, who is a hydrologist, not a climate scientist, has been poorly advised.  Perhaps the Director realises that in his rendition of the Bureau’s narrative he made some poorly thought through statements, and honest answers to my queries would be too embarrassing.

Or perhaps the Director’s office functions perfectly, he is well advised, he thought through his statements carefully and meant every word he said.  In this case, believing the science is settled and no questions need be considered, perhaps he has directed that queries from mere mortals such as I should be ignored.

As the Director and Chief Executive Officer for a large, trusted, and publicly funded organisation, Dr Vertessy is accountable and responsible not only for his own statements but also for the performance and behaviour of the whole organisation, and especially his own office.

I am seeking firstly an apology from Dr Vertessy for his discourteous refusal even to acknowledge my queries, and secondly, honest and complete answers that will permit substantiation of his claims and replication of supporting work.

As my past experience has been that difficult questions addressed to the Bureau are only answered following media or political attention, I am forwarding this complaint to media outlets, bloggers, and various Members of Federal Parliament, including The Hon. Bob Baldwin, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment.

A copy of relevant correspondence (was) included below.

Yours sincerely


3 Responses to “Complaint re Dr Vertessy”

  1. Peter Carabot Says:

    Unprofessional and disgracefull, these are the only “kind” words I can come up with. Such behaviour from a Pubic Servant should not be tolerated, after all We, the tax payers, employ this people, they don’t do it fo free!

  2. DaveR Says:

    Well done Ken. This is how the green left operate – make wild unsubstantiated claims and quickly move on, then try to avoid any examination of the claims at all costs.

    Dr Vertessy, as head of the BOM must be pursued until he gives a properly detailed justification to his “on the record” statements. Nothing short of a retraction or clarification is acceptable.

  3. After 15 Weeks, the Bureau Responds With Non-Answers | kenskingdom Says:

    […] followed up with reminder queries on 28 April, with an email to Bob Baldwin (the Parliamentary Secretary responsible for this farce the Bureau) on 1 May, a Formal Complaint on […]

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