Beef Week, PETA, and Dr Vertessy

Last week was Beef Australia 2015 in Rockhampton.  The bus trip and the day I attended were thoroughly enjoyable, very professionally run, and a credit to the organisers and the beef industry generally.  The way the beef industry adapts to changing conditions through technology is fascinating.

One incident is worth repeating.  A chap was wandering around Beef Week wearing a cap with PETA embroidered on it.  Naturally people were pretty suspicious of him until they read the words printed in tiny script- “People Eating Tasty Animals.”  I’d like a cap like that.

I was pleased to find the Bureau of Meteorology stall, and met the local observers as well as Jess Carey of the Brisbane office, who instantly remembered my queries to Dr Vertessy about his claims on ABC Radio.  A thoroughly nice fellow.  He assured me he had forwarded on my queries within minutes, but had no idea of the reason for the delay in replying.

Speaking of which, today is six weeks since I sent my query to the Bureau, and still no reply.

Dr Vertessy’s lack of response speaks volumes about his credibility as a scientist, a communicator, and the Bureau head, not to mention the evidence for his claims.

The longer the delay, the more sceptical I am of anything the Bureau says about climate.

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7 Responses to “Beef Week, PETA, and Dr Vertessy”

  1. Mareeba Property Management Says:

    Ken, I like the PETA Hat!!! I dont think that an “eminent” scientist will debase himself by answering some queries from a mere mortal like yourself. After all he is also a public servant so by definition he knows best. I stop trusting the Bureau when I received no response (still waiting) on a question of cyclone tracking, what was happening in reality, on the rain radar and on the tracking chart were three completely different things. It was not a smart a## question, I was genuinely interested in knowing why there was such a huge divergence in observations. After repeated emails over a period of months, I fired a last salvo and haven’t bothered with them ever since. I think that most employee at the Bureau are decent people, the top layers, on the other hand, are in the pocket of the UN and the new CC (see see) religion.

  2. kenskingdom Says:

    You’re not alone!

  3. DaveR Says:


    All public servants are employed under the Public Service Act (Cwlth 1999) where it states under the Code of Conduct at 13 (1) that “…all employees must behave honestly….” and at 13 (9) “….An APS employee must not provide false or misleading information……”. This binds APS employees, Agency Heads (14 (1)) and all statutory office holders (14(2)).

    That should be enough to catch Dr Vertessy.

  4. kenskingdom Says:

    Waiting patiently. My MP has replied that she will take the matter up with Bob Baldwin.

  5. DaveR Says:


    a similar problem has arisen in the USA with the refusal of Dr Gavin Schmidt, the new head of NASA GISS, to answer scientific questions on climate change.

    See here:

    This situation has an uncanny similarity to the problem with Dr Vertessy from the BOM, and will be worth following.

  6. DaveR Says:

    I guess Dr Vetessy’s response to the Senate’s estimates hearing today shows that at least he will answer some questions.

    But it appears not to you Ken, and some of his responses were very wobbly.

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