The Wacky World of Weather Stations: No. 3- Maitland (SA)

From now on posts will have fewer words, concentrating on visuals.  Refer back to my first post for site specifications.

Station:  Maitland (22008)

Opened: 1879

Daily Temperature data from: 1957


Maitland map

2019 satellite image:

Maitland 22008 aerial

The screen is the white dot in the red ellipse.

2014 street view:

Maitland 22008

2017 BOM Site Map:

Maitland plan

The screen is in the backyard of the Post Office, right at the edge of the bitumen parking area.  The yard is surrounded by a 2.1 metre high galvanized steel fence.  Sheds, a tank stand, and an incinerator are within 10 metres.  The PO roof to the north-west is 10 metres high and the Police station to the north-east is 6 metres high.

The BOM Metadata pages showing instrument locations on site maps as above indicate the site has changed over the years.  The first available plan is from 1967.

Maitland plan 1967

The site was more open then, with a post and wire fence to the south-east and few buildings.  By 1974 the yard had been paved and the Post Office and Police station had been built, and the fence was now galvanized iron.

Maitland plan 1974

This layout remained until it changed to the present layout sometime between 1997 and 1999.

Maitland plan 1999

This site is a heat sink.  It is grossly non-compliant, so temperatures recorded here are not reliable.  Maitland’s temperatures are published at the BOM Latest Weather Observations page, and also used by the BOM in weather reports, potentially including extremes of heat or cold. As well, Maitland  is one of the sites used to adjust temperatures at ACORN-SAT sites at Adelaide, Cape Borda, Ceduna, Kyancutta, Port Lincoln, and Snowtown. These Acorn sites are used for climate analysis- whether winters are getting warmer and summers hotter for example.  So the lack of quality at any site DOES MATTER!

Another FAIL.

Number 4 tomorrow.

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10 Responses to “The Wacky World of Weather Stations: No. 3- Maitland (SA)”

  1. John in Oz Says:

    Thanks for all of your work.

    I will ensure that my local/state/federal members are informed

    • Bill in Oz Says:

      John tht’s waste of time. She is a save the planet Greenist !

      • JoNova Says:

        Never a waste. The staffers have to read and reply if you are in their electorate. They need to log it. They notice. The more people that say what they think, the better. Thank you…

        • Bill in Oz Says:

          Jo I actually know Rebekha Sharkie. I was a member of the Nick Xenophon team supporter group – under which banner she was elected in 2016.

          Over time she has become progressively more Green issues focussed not less. And she has a staff of young things who support her in this ideology. And ignore facts.

          I became so disillusioned I no longer have any contact with her.

          • JoNova Says:

            Yes, well I see your point. So it’s not a complete waste of your time, but there may be many better ways to spend it. Especially if you have already written… thanks for trying.

  2. siliggy Says:

    My bet is the observer never ever walks bare foot across the hot tarmac in summer to take the temperature from that solar oven.

  3. Bill in Oz Says:

    Maitland is a small town ~1200 people. There is an abundance of alternative potential better sites within 1-2 ks. Why has the BOM allowed this non compliant site to continue.?

  4. Australia's Wacky Weather Stations: Final Summary | kenskingdom Says:

    […] beside houses, in bitumen carparks, in a vegetable garden surrounded by a corrugated iron fence, beside incinerators, behind 6 metre prison walls, beside piles of human excrement, in the middle of a dirt road, on the […]

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