The Wacky World of Weather Stations: No. 54- Montague Island (NSW)

Please refer back to my first post for site specifications.

Station:  Montague Island 69017

Opened: 1949

Daily Temperature data from: 1968

Data used to adjust Acorn sites at: Point Perpendicular, Gabo Island

Location: Co-ordinates   -36.2519 150.2275

MontagueIsland map

About 260 km south of Sydney.

2019 Google satellite image:

MontagueIsland aerial

BOM site plan 2013:


MontagueIsland plan2013

Google Maps has “street view” photos of this station, showing just how close the screen is to the buildings and to large areas of bare rock.

MontagueIsland ground

This station is not compliant, with temperatures reported at Latest Weather Observations and used to adjust data at Acorn sites.


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4 Responses to “The Wacky World of Weather Stations: No. 54- Montague Island (NSW)”

  1. John in Oz Says:

    It seems that many of the screens are mounted pn metal supports which could affect the readings

  2. Bill in Oz Says:

    1; I wonder how long before BOM renames this station ‘Barunguba” ?

    2 : This weather station’s location confirms that they are located where it is convenient for people to read them; not where they will give an accurate reading of the temperature.

  3. calvertn Says:

    I wonder if this is relevant (from Wiki) “Kikuyu grass is a major weed on the island. Originally introduced in the early 19th century to help feed the animals kept by the lighthouse keepers and their families, it has spread to cover most of the south island. To control it, NPWS officers poison a section, then burn it, before replanting with help from volunteers. . . . Various native species are used to replant areas after the kikuyu grass has been controlled.

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