The Wacky World of Weather Stations: No. 94- Sunshine Coast Airport (Qld)

Please refer back to my first post for site specifications.  Also refer back to No. 92: Logan City for more up to date specifications.

Station: Sunshine Coast Airport 40861

Opened: 1994

Daily Temperature data from: 1994

Data used to adjust Acorn sites at: Gayndah.

Location:   Co-ordinates   Officially -26.5990, 153.0912, actually -26.600529, 153.090348

SunshineCoast map

About 100km north of Brisbane.

BOM site plan 2018:

SunshineCoast plan2018

The previous site was as bad: BOM site plan 2016:

SunshineCoast plan2016

2019 Google satellite image:

SunshineCoast aerial

The screen is close to thick coastal scrub to 0.5 metre, and the enclosure and surrounds to the south is bare sandy dirt.  The previous site (used to adjust Gayndah) was also non-compliant, being very close to 2 to 4 metre shrubs and on a raised mound.

This station is non-compliant, with temperatures reported at Latest Weather Observations and used to adjust data at Acorn sites.


Percentage of all sites not compliant: 12.98%

After completing the Darling Downs & Granite Belt and Southeast Coast districts, it seems that Queensland stations are the worst- so far anyway.  Of the 29 stations, one (Wellcamp Airport) I can’t find.  Of the remaining 28, 11 are not compliant.  That’s 39%!

Wellcamp (541150) is a private airport and not mentioned in Climate Data Online, so there is no information about it.  If there is anyone near Toowoomba who can find where the station is, maybe take a photo and get the GPS co-ordinates, it would be a big help and much appreciated.

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One Response to “The Wacky World of Weather Stations: No. 94- Sunshine Coast Airport (Qld)”

  1. Bill in Oz Says:

    1: Actual Location Versus stated location : I’m sure that BOM will be grateful for you telling them the actual location as otherwise this station would be ‘lost but still in action’ like Greenbank.

    2: Looking at the site via Google Earth, it looks like it was specially cleared with a tractor to put the BOM weather station there and allow vehicle access as well.

    3: As the site is now bare sand with no vegetation cover at all, this thermometer will be registering higher temperatures than are normal in the area.

    4 But at least it is affected minimally by Urban Heat Island Effect.. AS it’s well away from housing estates, factories, freeways, sewerage ponds etc.

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