The Wacky World of Weather Stations: No. 140- Injune (Qld)

Monday 14/10/2019

Please refer back to my first post for site specifications and to No. 92- Logan City for 2018 specifications.  If you wish to check on this (or any) site for yourself, go to my post on how to check for yourself.

Station: Injune Post Office 43015

Opened: 1925

Daily Temperature data from: 1925

Data used to adjust Acorn sites at: Barcaldine, Charleville, Longreach, Miles.

Location:   Co-ordinates  -25.8428 148.5669

480km north-west of Brisbane.

BOM site plan 2016:

The screen is in the red circle. All the other red oblongs should not be there.

Google satellite image 2019:

The site is obstructed by buildings and trees.

This station is non-compliant, with temperatures reported at Latest Weather Observations and used to adjust data at distant Acorn sites.


Percentage of all Australian sites not compliant: 19.34%.

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One Response to “The Wacky World of Weather Stations: No. 140- Injune (Qld)”

  1. Bill In Oz Says:

    Yes Ken ! So many great potential sites for an accurate BOM weather station close by. But this one is certainly not one of them. No doubt all those trees were planted by local residents as well.

    Wikipedia says that Injune is a small town with only 350 people. So one would not expect much UHI effect there on the BOM’s thermometer.

    But that BOM weather station is located smack bang in the midst of whatever Urban Heat island this town has.

    Wikipedia also mentions that this town has cold dry winter climate. The average minimum is -3 degrees with the coldest recorded being -8 degrees ! ( No date given ) So the folks living there no doubt have ways of heating their homes in Winter : reverse cycle A/C units or electric heating or fires..etc..

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