The Wacky World of Weather Stations: No. 182- Millendon (WA)

Monday 28/10/2019

Please refer back to my first post for site specifications and to No. 92- Logan City for 2018 specifications.  If you wish to check on this (or any) site for yourself, go to my post on how to check for yourself.

Station: Millendon (Swan Valley) 9281

Opened: 2017

Daily Temperature data from: 2017

Data used to adjust Acorn sites at: —

Location:   Co-ordinates -31.8108 116.0225

22km north-east of Perth CBD.

BOM site plan 2017:

Google satellite image 2019:

The site plan is already out of date and the surroundings have changed for the worse. The screen is close to bare gravel and a paddock of pasture cut for hay- reducing the vegetation height to a few centimetres. A new bitumen carpark 18 metres wide has been built 30 metres away.

This station is non-compliant, with temperatures reported at Latest Weather Observations but not (yet) used to adjust data at Acorn sites.


Percentage of all Australian sites not compliant: 25.14%.

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5 Responses to “The Wacky World of Weather Stations: No. 182- Millendon (WA)”

  1. Bill In Oz Says:

    Ken I have been looking t the satellite images of this BOM weather station.

    Sometimes I really do wish we could actually be there and this is one such time.

    The sealed car park close by is obviously newish. And it’s capacity to absorb & re radiate heat must be having an impact. So too the large gravel area close to the station.

    But this station is in the midst of a winery cellar door business. As the extended car park shows there are a significant number of people & vehicles visiting this site with all the hot exhaust gases that come with such visits.

    I also suspect that the grapes are all irrigated with water being applied whenever the growing vines need it.

    In fact this BOM site is in the midst of a district is an intensive horticulture & vineyard area which is all dependent on irrigation.

    That also means a lot of water vapour being ‘breathed’ out by the vines & other plants as part of the their photosynthesis process. All that vapour has an impact on temperatures registered by the thermometer for BOM.

    And I haven’t mentioned yet the paddock which wraps around two sides of the BOM weather station. This paddock has just been cut & bailed for hay – round bales. So quite a bit of tractor machinery passing close by as well

    A very problematic site indeed.

  2. Al Says:

    Hi Bill and Ken, do that hay was cut and baled on 14/11/2018. Yet another site that you have used an old photograph for.
    Again, the 2019 you see on google maps is only a copyright indicator. It will be 2020 next year.
    Using old photos as proof? FAIL.

    • Bill In Oz Says:

      Your comment Al is of no significance with all the other evidence showing up so clearly.

    • kenskingdom Says:

      So the photo was in November 2018- one year after the BOM site plan of October 2017. Since 2017 the site has changed: new bitumen carpark; bare gravel near screen; and pasture grown and cut at least once but more likely more. It is not just an open grass paddock that never changes: it changes with seasons and with farming practice. So that “old” photo really is good evidence despite your protestations. Clinging to your obsession with the photo date is a strategy that has backfired.

  3. Bill In Oz Says:

    Al seems to know the WA BOM stations ‘personally’ so I think he lives in WA & is an employee of the BOM with a vested interest to protect : his ‘professional integrity’.

    Still Ken, his attempts to undermine your investigations of the BOM network by challenging exactly when the Google Earth photos were taken, has had me thinking.

    But then I realised that the exact date the Google Earth photo was taken, is largely irrelevant. Most things mostly stay the same in these photos over time. The actual plot of BOM land; the site of the BOM instruments; the geography; the terrain; nearby buildings and nearby other constructed stuff like roads, fences; gravelled areas and paths.

    This BOM weather station is on a cellar door winery with irrigated grape blocks . It’s location there effects the temperature observations made at this BOM site.

    Exactly when Google Earth took a photo of hay baled is irrelevant.

    And Al knows all this, as he avoids mentioning all these other aspects.In my opinion that is dishonest of him.

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