The Wacky World of Weather Stations: No. 257- Warrnambool (Vic)

Tuesday 26/11/2019

Please refer back to my first post for site specifications and to No. 92- Logan City for 2018 specifications.  If you wish to check on this (or any) site for yourself, go to my post on how to check for yourself.

Station: Warrnambool Airport NDB 90186

Opened: 1998

Daily Temperature data from: 1998

Data used to adjust Acorn sites at: Cape Otway.

Location:   Co-ordinates  -38.2867 142.4522

225km south-west of Melbourne.

BOM site plan 2014:

Google satellite image 2019:

The screen is 6 metres from a ditch and 10 metres from a dirt road, but the main problem is the change in the site surroundings, with the satellite image showing the rough grass paddock has been baled for hay. The paddock acoss the road also shows signs of past agricultural activity.

This station is non-compliant, with temperatures reported at Latest Weather Observations but not used to adjust data at Acorn sites.


Percentage of all Australian sites not compliant: 35.5%.

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3 Responses to “The Wacky World of Weather Stations: No. 257- Warrnambool (Vic)”

  1. William in Oz Says:

    Revisiting my own past here Ken. I had two brothers who used to live in this district 20 years ago. I visited them both a fair few times. And I can see the house that one of them lived in on the Mailer’s Flat road.. Ummmm

    The volcanic soil overlying limestone provides ideal farming conditions for dairying and spuds : rich volcanic ash soil ( from when Tower Hill blew it’s stack 3-4000 years ago ) with tons of water down below in the limestone for irrigation.

    And spuds is probably what you can see over the road from this BOM station. It’s usually grown as Spring Summer crop with overhead spray irrigation.

    And such a crop would have a major impact on the weather station.

    Often the farmers irrigate the dairy paddocks as well to ensure that milk production does not fall off due to lack of green feed.

    Not compliant !

  2. billinoz Says:

    Second test

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