The Wacky World of Weather Stations: No. 269- Lakes Entrance (Vic)

Saturday 30/11/2019

Please refer back to my first post for site specifications and to No. 92- Logan City for 2018 specifications.  If you wish to check on this (or any) site for yourself, go to my post on how to check for yourself.

Station: Lakes Entrance (Eastern Beach Road) 84150

Opened: 2006

Daily Temperature data from: 2006

Data used to adjust Acorn sites at: —

Location:   Co-ordinates  -37.8717 148.0060

270km east of Melbourne.

BOM site plan 2013:

Google satellite image 2019:

Google street view 2018:

This station was commenced in 2006, when the carpark was gravel, sealed before 2013, but the screen is 10 to 12 metres from the nearest parked cars, and too close to trees.

This station is non-compliant, with temperatures reported at Latest Weather Observations but not used to adjust data at Acorn sites.


Percentage of all Australian sites not compliant: 37.15%.

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One Response to “The Wacky World of Weather Stations: No. 269- Lakes Entrance (Vic)”

  1. billinoz Says:

    Ahhhhh ! Used to swim in the Lakes Entrance Aquadome complex just up the hill a tad from the BOM weather station. Very relaxing to have a spa^ sauna there !

    However the whole complex is way up a hill from the town of Lakes Entrance which is effectively close to sea level..Being a fishing port for the boats that go out into Bass strait for fish.

    The slope down to the town is steep. It’s a serious climb for cars going up to the swimming center.

    So that BOM station is perched on a hill with all the cold heavy air rolling away from it down to the town below which does get coldish but never freezing due to the sea & lakes being so close.

    So the observation at this BOM station are NOT representative for that reason alone.

    And then there are exhaust gases from the swimming center itself. The olympic sized pool & smaller pols for little kids are heated and in Winter so is the whole building. But in Summer the A/C keeps the air inside cool while the water is also not heated that much..

    I wonder what the impact of all this happening is ?

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