The Search for Australia’s Worst Weather Station

With 300 of Australia’s official weather stations (out of a total of about 700) identified so far as not meeting Bureau of Meteorology specifications, we come to the daunting task of selecting the worst station from a long Roll of Dishonour. 

Naturally they come in a range of locations and environment types, so to help I have listed 25 stations that I think should be on the shortlist.  It was a difficult task to whittle the list down to 25- I left out many candidates.  You may disagree and you are welcome to recommend your own- but they must be currently reporting daily temperatures.

Browse through the list and click on each to take you to its report, then use the browser back arrow to return here, and nominate what you think is the worst.

First, a couple of stations NOT on the list (because they have recently moved to a better site and are not currently reporting from their old positions):

Streaky Bay (SA) and its 2019 Google satellite image:

Katoomba (NSW) and its Google street view from 2015:

If still in their old locations, these would have to be on the shortlist.


Ararat (Vic)

Cape Byron (NSW)

Castlemaine (Vic)

Cleve (SA)

Donnybrook (WA)

Emerald (Qld)

Gladstone Airport (Qld)

Goomalling (WA)

Gosnells City (WA)

Lancelin (WA)

Launceston (Tas)

Lucinda (Qld)

Maitland (SA)

Mandurah (WA)

Manjimup (WA)

Mount Barker (SA)

Murray Bridge (SA)

Narembeen (WA)

Newman Aero (WA) 

Price (SA) 

Rutherglen (Vic) 

Springwood (NSW) 

Sydney  (NSW) 

Sydney Airport (NSW)

Wilsons Promontory (Vic)

Which is the worst?


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11 Responses to “The Search for Australia’s Worst Weather Station”

  1. auspeterb Says:

    Australia’s new record high temperatures!
    I’d rather believe in unicorns; at least they make children happy and don’t scare them into a twisted mess about their future…
    Peter Bysouth


  2. billinoz Says:

    Ken what about ACORN BOM sites ? As these are the ones that BOM relies for it’s alarmist climate fairy tale, surely the FAILED ACORN weather stations should get priority.

  3. haylochonsea Says:

    120 Lucinda Qld.
    Not a weather station in any sense except for shipping, not to adjust Cairns.
    Maybe a list of stations built for others as many airport ones are, and not to be used for analysis.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Michael Says:

    I love Unicorns!….and accurate Weather Stations.

    Maybe we can find an Autistic Teenage Girl to make it all better?

  5. billinoz Says:

    I’ve been hunting around Ken..I must admit that Mt Barker gets my ‘home’ vote as it’s just over the back from my back door ! 🙂

    But then it’s not an ACORN one is it..Just a sort of unimportant local BOM station is someones front garden….

    Sooooo ? Which one wondered ? And i looked at Wilson’s prom BOM station. It sort of used to e home turf for a while as I camped there a few times when young. And it’s a speccie site with it’s light house to warn ship in Bass strait.

    And It’s an ACORN site..One of the ‘precious’ ones that BOM uses to play it’s homogenising games with..And it goes back to the 1870’s or so…

    But it’s so bloody way off the scale as far as BOM’s guidelines go.

    A complete FAIL by BOM when there are so many other potential sites available ! It gets my vote as ‘Worst’ of the BOM’s ‘Best’ so to speak !

  6. calvertn Says:

    What about the record-breaking station at Penrith Lakes, NSW?

  7. Big M Says:

    I stumbled onto your site from a link on Jennifer Marohasey’s page. What do I find, but my Aunt’s previous run down house hosting the worst BOM station in Australia. My wife and I had a good laugh!

  8. kenskingdom Says:

    Katoomba? Or another one?

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