BBC Accused of Misleading Reporting About Melting Antarctic Glacier

Every morning I get these annoying “click bait” pop-ups on my phone, which I usually ignore. This morning I weakened, and tapped the headline:

Antarctica Melting: Climate change and the journey to the “doomsday glacier”.

Knowing a bit about Antarctica, I dismissed it as more BBC rubbish, but just a few minutes ago I received a message from the Institute of Public Affairs with a link to a press release and article by the Global Warming Policy Forum. Here it is in full:

Press Release 29/01/20
BBC Accused of Misleading Reporting About Melting Antarctic Glacier
Why did the BBC fail to mention the volcanoes underneath?

London, 29 January: The Global Warming Policy Forum has criticised the BBC for misleading the public about the melting of the Thwaites Glacier.
In its numerous reports online, on radio and on television, the BBC blamed the melting of this Antarctic glacier on climate change. However, the BBC’s reports do not mention an important fact that has been widely known and that the BBC itself has reported previously – the influence of volcanoes beneath the glacier.
Scientists have known for years that subglacial volcanoes and other geothermal “hotspots” underneath the glacier are contributing to the melting of the Thwaites Glacier.

“Despite claims about climate change and admonition to lower our greenhouse gas emission as a way to ameliorate the melting of Thwaites, the BBC should have been pointing out that what is happening underneath the glacier could be in large parts an act of geology and one of those natural and globally-important dynamics that have been occurring throughout the ages,” said GWPF science editor Dr David Whitehouse.

What is more, the scientists will remain on Thwaites for a while. They have not analysed their data yet, so claims that they have confirmed “the Thwaites glacier is melting even faster than scientists thought…” are premature.


More information about the Thwaites Glacier and the BBC’s misleading reporting can be found on the GWPF website.

I have long suspected that any warming in Antarctica might be due to the large volcanic province beneath West Antarctica, when UAH satellite temperatures show no sign of Antarctic warming, as I have shown here.

I’m pleased the GWPF is onto it so quickly, and many thanks to the IPA for alerting me.


5 Responses to “BBC Accused of Misleading Reporting About Melting Antarctic Glacier”

  1. Bill In Oz Says:

    Hi Ken, I don’t have Facebook on my mobile for that reason ! too much nonsense !

    But did you know that the Guardian published an article in August 2017 about there being a total of 137 volcanoes in Antarctica with 91 of them just discovered under the ice sheets !

    The scientist who is quoted in this Guardian of course is a global warming cultist and says that even so it’s global warming which is melting the glaciers in Antarctica ! Even the actual evidence under their own noses makes no difference to these dumbnuts !
    here is the Guardian link ( and no I do not often post links to the Guardian ! )

    • kenskingdom Says:

      Yes Bill, I’m up with that. They will cling to their beliefs in the face of any evidence to the contrary. The Antarctic, especially in winter, is the best place on earth to test the global warming theory. Even with the volcanic influence Antarctica stubbornly refuses to warm.

  2. Big M Says:

    Since this disclaimer was published there’s more on ‘doomsday glacier’

  3. Peter Dixon Says:

    Hello Kens Kingdom. Did you read about the coal miner of QLD who has become a climate activist because – he is trained to measure CO2 in the mines (maybe at >1%, but not stated) because if CO2 dilutes oxygen, it becomes dangerous. – so he mistakenly thinks that 420ppm CO2 in atmosphere is BAD, when it is really good for promotion of plant growth. Do you have research data to support a realist case to educate him? regards, Peter D at Wodonga ref ABC

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