An Impossibility of Windmills

There are many strange collective nouns for groups of animals, people, and things. For example, a parliament of owls, a murder of crows, a convocation of eagles, an intrusion of cockroaches, an audience of squid are for groups from the animal kingdom.

A company of archers, an eloquence of lawyers, and a poverty of pipers describe some groups of people.

What about things? A distraction of smartphones, a smug of Priuses, a Hilary of pantsuits I have heard of.

But Jan Smelik from the Netherlands has sent me a link to his Youtube video and we now have collective noun for a group of windmills.

No, not the old windmills for pumping water and grinding grain we know from paintings and tourist brochures- the modern variety which will save the world from global warming.

Very appropriately, an impossibility of windmills.

Here’s his video:

Even more so for Australia!

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6 Responses to “An Impossibility of Windmills”

  1. ngard2016 Says:

    Here’s the latest GWPF report about how the world could reach net zero co2 emissions by 2050.
    Obviously this is impossible and will never happen and Nic Lewis and the Royal Society NAS report also tells us this wouldn’t change co2 levels for many centuries or perhaps thousands of years. See Zickfeld study.
    Our best course is to continue with more energy R&D, more clever innovation and ongoing adaptation to whatever climate changes occur in the coming decades or by 2100 and beyond.
    And Aussies should build new HELE coal and Gas power stns ASAP and this will ensure we have secure, reliable cheap BASE-LOAD energy for the rest of the century.

    • billinoz Says:

      Duh ? Which climate change do you mean ? The getting colder one which is actually happening, ? Or the mythical getting warmer one which is just a fantasy ?

  2. Geoff Sherrington Says:

    This is well-reasoned, produced and presented. The beautiful photography helps put a chill bpdown the spine. Who would want a view of multiple windmills like these?
    My first visit to Holland started with a car trip from Amsterdam in the west to Hengelo in the east, some 160 km. That just about crossed the widest part of the country. It is tiny, yet has a population similar to ours. If you have had the pleasure of a Dutch trip of your own, you would easily empathise with “an impossibility of windmills.”. Geoff S

  3. ngard2016 Says:

    So Bill tell us about your cooling trend and please supply the data link since 1850 or 1880 or 1978.99 (UAH V 6) or 1998 or …..?
    IOW I couldn’t care less about your beliefs, just link to the data/ trend(s).
    The trend from Dr Spencer is a mild 0.14 c/ decade and so far this has been good for humans, just look at the poorest continent Africa since 1970.
    There has been nearly 1 billion increase in African pop since 1970 and much higher life exp of 64 and much better nutrition, schooling, higher urban living etc and all this in just 50 years and in the world’s poorest continent . Don’t forget the entire world only reached 1 bn people in 1800 and then the life expectancy of humans was under 40. See Our World in Data or Dr Rosling etc.

  4. Jan Smelik Says:

    Good day Ken,

    I made a new video in which I shine a light on the dark side of ‘green’ technologies such as biomass, windturbines and solarpanels. I wondered if you would be interested to give it a place on your website or place a link to it. You can view the video here:

    Hope to hear from you, sincerely, Jan Smelik.

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