Gladstone Rejects Domestic Hydrogen

Gladstone Regional Council in Central Queensland has rejected a proposal to distribute a blend of 10% hydrogen and LNG from the Gladstone hydrogen park to residential and commercial customers.

The council received 100 submissions regarding the project.  All but one were against it, citing safety concerns.

The Australian Gas Infrastructure Group has been distributing a blend with 5% hydrogen through plastic pipes at Mitchell Park in South Australia since 2021 and is planning another hydrogen park to supply Albury-Wodonga in 2024.

Colorants and odorants are added to the blend.  The Gladstone plant was only to operate in daylight hours when solar power is relatively abundant.  Water was to be sourced from the Gladstone water supply.

With residents not convinced by safety assurances (the blend was to have twice the concentration of hydrogen as the South Australian scheme), it’s back to the drawing board for AGIG.

The future of Australia’s hydrogen industry is by no means assured.

Listen to the ABC Radio news item from 1:18.

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3 Responses to “Gladstone Rejects Domestic Hydrogen”

  1. auspeterb Says:

    Ken, in the “old” days (supposedly) some natural gas suppliers of “town gas” had up to 10% Hydrogen but I don’t know if pipes and seals were designed around it. Do you have any of that history, it is a long time and I can’t remember where it was written.

    Peter Bysouth


  2. tonyryan43 Says:

    I would like to see an appraisal that excluded the nonsense about renewables.

    For the undecided and too busy to research… the planet needs double the current levels of atmospheric CO2 to feed reforestation and also for food crops. We need more plants and trees to renew our falling oxygen levels.

    Coal has no impact on climate, however, I for one would like to know the cost of mercury filtering of coal-fired electricity stations before I comment further.

    And to those giddy eccentrics who parrot nonsense about peak oil, when that myth was being paraded, there were vast new discoveries in the South Atlantic, under Haiti, north of Australia, and three large basins in Siberia. Please notice the wars and invasions in those localities, which tells you the real story of geopolitics.

    For the idiots who believe the jokes about sea rises, Kiribati is sinking, the US is sinking along the east and south coast at a rate of 3 mm per year, as are many more well-known bogs around the planet. The sea has not budged appreciably for almost 30 years.

    As for ice melting… we had a more than 500 year Little Ice Age in the northern hemisphere, for crissake (13th to 19th centuries). Of course that ice is melting. it would bloody well want to because it killed milions.

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