OpenNEM Crashes- Atlassian Software Fault?

Remember on Monday the OpenNEM showed Rooftop Solar generation dropping out?  It has happened again just three days later:

Not only that, but the whole OpenNEM reporting system seems to have crashed.  The last update was at 1:40 pm on Thursday 26th.  This screenshot was at 9.00 am this morning Friday.

It looks like a software system crash.  Not in electricity production or we’d have noticed, but in the reporting.

This website (OpenNEM) is not that of the actual NEM, but has been set up to make NEM data “more accessible to a wider audience”.  That’s very commendable.  Note who has set it up:

Simon Holmes a Court was instrumental in the Teal wins over moderate Liberals.  He’s pushing rapid transition to renewables.

Dr Dylan McConnell is an energy systems researcher at the Climate and Energy College at the University of Melbourne.

Nik Cubrilovic is an internet security blogger, best known for computer hacking, according to Wilipedia.

And the platform is driven by Atlassian, founded and largely owned by Michael Cannon-Brookes, who is the largest shareholder of AGL and is trying to stop the proposed AGL demerger so that he can get rid of fossil fuels faster.

Couldn’t happen to nicer blokes….

Or maybe they have interests in uranium mines and know that nuclear is the only hope for Net Zero?


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  1. prcgoard Says:

    Although not directly related to the above item, it appears that several of the activists are advocating early power station closures. Any power station closed should be moth-balled for several years, not immediately demolished, so that if there is insufficient power to meet demand, they could be put back on line. This would be real “precautionary principle” in action.

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