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If the climate change debate was like a Rugby League Grand Final

October 5, 2015

After 21 seasons, finally the North Queensland Cowboys have won a nail biting RL Grand Final, beating the Brisbane Broncos 17-16 in Golden Point time.  J.T.’s under there somewhere!

It was a hard, fast, clean game right to the end, and in the end, the best team won.

It got me thinking, what would the climate change debate look like if it was conducted like a Rugby League game?

  • Both teams would play hard but fairly.
  • There would be a salary cap, so no team would have an unfair financial advantage.
  • The referees would be impartial, and would not award penalties unfairly against one side.
  • Anyone who infringed the rules (say by not letting an opposing player play the ball/ have his say) would be penalised.
  • Media commentators would give coverage to both sides, and show all plays both good and bad.
  • Referees, spectators, and the media would not try to prevent one team from even getting onto the field, or ban individual players from running on.
  • The game would be decided by points scored, not by the number of supporters of one team.
  • Politicians would not show up to be seen with the winning team…. Oh, wait….

Ah well, I can still enjoy the footy.